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My PD is Sep 2018 (EB1C India) - When can I expect to file I-485

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Hi People,

I am Richa Sharma from India. My PD is Sep 2018. (EB1C, India, I-140 Approved)

My questions are:-

a) What is the earliest estimate when I can file my I-485? (GC Tracker estimates as Oct 2019 this year)

b) What is the furthest estimate when I can file my I-485?

c) Most Important - My L1A 7 years expire on December 2021. Any recommendations considering this date?


Richa Sharma

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a and b.   It should take up to 2 years for you to get the GC. All guesses are just guesses.

You should be absolutely able to file and maybe even get the GC before your L1A expires.

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You just need to watch the PD movement.

Nobody has a Crystal Ball here.

Edited by JoeF

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Thanks for the response Pontevecchio and JoeF.

Assuming that I cannot file I-485 by Dec 2021, then when should I initiate the L1A to H1B conversion? My 6 years on L1A get over in Dec 2020 and 7 years get over in Dec 2021.

Also converting from L1A to H1B will impact my EB1C? (bcos the reason a person qualifies for EB1C is bcos of L1A)

Further in one another forum someone confidently predicted that EB1 (India) will move only 2 months PER YEAR, which means with my PD of Sep 2018, I cannot file I-485 until 2025. I thought he is joking, but then he could also be true even by 1%?


Richa Sharma

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If the PD is not current in2021 December, work for the company from your home country till the PD is current having in the meantime converted to Consular Processing.

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Thanks for the response.

My US Company has no legal presence in my Home Country (India).

However my Company has a presence in UAE. Can I do Consular Processing from there?

Also if by Dec 2021 the PD is not current, should I just let USCIS know that I want to go for CP? In other words, at what point of time I need to inform USCIS that I need CP? My I-140 is already approved.


Richa Sharma

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