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H1B with arrest record and dismissed charges - AP

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Here is the sequence of events in Delhi consulate .

May 1 : interview 

VO: Who is your petitioner 

me: Bank if XXX

VO: Direct employee?

Me: Yes Sir

VO: what is your salary and title 

Me: Xxxxx

VO: oh you were arrested? ( and he panicked , like never had case like this before )

Me: yes sir explained .

VO: when was this ?

Me: 2015 . I have court disposition letter with dismissed charges . No guilty plea, no fine ,  no community service .

VO: do you have more documents 

Me: submittted police report 

VO: (looks perplexed , unsure ). I will have to review the documents more and do so back office processing . We will put your case for administrative processing.( Kept the passport and did not ask for petition. Did not give any slip)

How long should I expect the wait ? Status shows administratiive processing .

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Arrest cases normally attract 221G. In your case this was bound to happen so do not panic... we cannot say exact amount of time but I strongly feel you will get it..

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