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Job changes after I-140 Approval

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I got my H1B first in 2010 and then did an extension followed by PERM and approved I-140 in November 2015 with Employer A.

In May 2017 i changed my job to join Employer B with similar job function.

I have been with Employer B for 2 years now but we didn't re-apply for PERM or I-140.

Now I have approved I-140 with Employer A but want to change jobs to Employer C. Is there any problem with changing jobs and transferring H1B now since i don't have any PERM or I-140 with current employer B?


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Assuming you have enough time left in your H1b, your next employer should be able to file for a new GC.  current employer need not file for a new GC for you to get one with your next one. Do remember, GC is for a future employment. 

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