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Risk of cancellation of current visa

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Actually I am currently in USA on L-1 visa. This visa was approved by USCIS earlier and this is getting expired in next two months. I am planning to travel Canada and schedule my interview with US Consulate and have my visa extended. Some of my friend told me that if my renewal request is denied, US consulate also cancel my current visa and I wouldn't be able to enter the United States. They suggested me to take all my belongings if i am leaving US for interview with US consulate in Canada. I am not sure whether US consulate can cancel my current visa which was approved by the USCIS. Does anyone have faced this kind of experience or are aware of any suggestion to this kind of situation?

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Visas have nothing to do with USCIS. You got your first visa also at a US Consulate.

And yes, existing visas are usually canceled before the visa interview.

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