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H1b Transfer after returning back to India

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I have been working in US for 3 years through an employer.

I had to resign and return back to India.

Now, I want to work again and want to know the procedure.

Is it going to be simple Visa Transfer that I can initiate from India through an employer or Do I need to go through any other process.

How can I check my Current H1b Status. My Visa Validity is until Sep-2020.



Janani R

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Visa is an entry stamp. You are entitled to 3 years in total in H1 status and not subject to the cap. An employer would need to file a non cap H1 petition for you and on approval, you can get the H1 visa stamp and come over to start work.

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An employer can just file an H1 petition for you at any time. When it is approved you can enter with the valid visa and a copy of the new approval notice. If the visa is expired you of course would need a new visa.

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Thank you so much for the response! I will be working to get that done!

I hope that I am clear in my first message that I wont be working for my Old employer, it will be a different employer now.

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