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What should I do for the ADMINISTRATIVELY CLOSED APPLICATION. - N400. ? 

Here is my story

I passed the citizenship test on Apr 10,2019 . The officer said my Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence I-751 is still pending. Then, the officer told me to provide more documents by uploading the requested document online. and I don't need to re-apply for the citizenship test again.

There are 2 more documents I need to upload

1. Family Member Affidavit of Residence Letter with notary seal from my mother in law, who we live with)

2. Bank / financial statements that show that we have financial connection to each other (once again, to prove that the marriage is authentic).

However, I try many times to upload the files but I can not upload any files, then I saw my update status change to ADMINISTRATIVELY CLOSED APPLICATION.

" RE: N-400, Application for Naturalization NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATIVELY CLOSED APPLICATION Dear XXXX XXXXX : This letter refers to your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, filed on August 18, 2018. Based on the pending I-751, your Form N-400 has been administratively closed at this time."

Over all Key Points in Timeline :

- I got  2 Year Green Card Date of Issue: November 16, 2015

-  2 Year Green Card Expiration: November 16, 2017

Receipt date for my I751 case is on  08/22/2017  August 22,2017  ( Still Pending ) 

- I got  I-751 Notice (petition to remove conditions on residence)
Date of Issue: August 6, 2018
This makes the green card valid for another 18 months, which makes the 2 year green card expiration delayed to: May 16, 2019

- My N-400 Application Interview (which I passed): April 10, 2019

- Total length of my permanent residency status before interview: 3 years, 5 months (well over the requirement of 3 years)

- Total length of our marriage since May 15,2014 until N-400 Application Interview is 4 years , 11 months

Anyway my I751 is still pending , Receipt date for my I751 case is on  08/22/2017  August 22,2017 

I checked the processing time on https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/  for  Vermont Service Center , the Receipt date for a case inquiry is now October 03, 2017.

so I submitted the Outside Normal Processing Times. , USCIS replied "We are still reviewing your case. We will mail you a notice when we make a decision. "

In this case, What should I do to ask them to kindly reopen my N400 application again?  I try to upload the documents as they requested but since the case was closed, I can not upload any files on the USCIS website. 

Thank you very much for your time to read about my case , Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 


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Because your 751 is still pending, and the conditional permanent residence still applies you cannot naturalize yet


The fact that you are having  trouble uploading documents can mean you have to try again but because the application is now administratively closed


I would suggest you to focus on the 751

Use your local senators office and see what is up with the application


My guess is documents asked were for the 751 moving forward and not the n400

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