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H1B - Ext RFE on ITU University accreditation

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Hello Friends,

Just recieved an RFE for 3rd H1B Ext on my university 'ITU'. I graduated in 2010 and the RFE says 'Provide evidence that ITU held accredition recognized by US dept of Education at the time the beneficiary recieved his degree on May 31, 2010.


Please need guidance regarding this if anyone has gone thru the same. I know ITU was able to prove accredition after 2011 but my case is older. I have reached out to the University and waiting for their response.

Is there any chance that I can get thru this?please share positive or negative situations if it happend to you or your friends! 

Appreciate the replies friends.

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If they were not accredited when you got your degree you can not use that degree. If you used it for any immigration benefit like an H1 the benefit was approved in error, and your extension will get denied.

You should have attended a real university. Signing up with one of these shady institutions always comes back to bite.

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