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While filling out "Information about your residence" section in N-400, do I need to report the address where I resided (~1-2 months each time) while I went back to my home country during vacation? 

Also, my wife - who has been using her pre-marriage last name till now (we have been married for 15+ years) wants to change her last name as part of the citizenship application. If she requests a name-change in the application, will her naturalization get delayed because of court proceedings? How frequently does the oath taking ceremony happen under court supervision and under USCIS administrative supervision?

Finally, few years back I had received a traffic citation because I was driving with one of my car's headlights busted. I paid a fine of $25. Do I need to report that? I dont have any documentation of the date or citation (even the year). How do I report that?

thanks in advance


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For minor gaps when you went to home you dont need to worry. You can report the same address where you stayed in US as long as you were renting or owning it

Your wife can apply for name change. Processing time is difficult to guess and highly variable on a case to case basis. I would anticipate more time just to be on the safe side


Report all traffic violations as instructed in the form. Nothing to worry, most wont change your application process , always tell the truth to the person when you are interviewed and you should be fine. All the best


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You reside in the US when you have a Greencard. Vacation travel doesn't mean you reside where you go for vacation.

As for the court proceedings, that depends on the district where you live. Some districts, like in the San Francisco area, don't do court proceedings at all, in other districts the oath ceremony is always a court session.

You need to list all citations. You don't need to have documentation if it was under $500. Just write what you remember.


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