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Visitor Visa B2 to Fiance Visa or Spouse Greencard?

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Hello All, Need advice.

I am USCitizen resident of america and my fiance is India Citizen. My Fiance has visitor visa previously before we met and she is coming along with her parents for 3rd time to USA , we both planning to get married , if we marry in india being UScitizen its a risk of CR1 processing  and longer wait of 1.5 years to sponser greencard from India, As she will be already present in USA whats the best possible options for us to get married and stay united to avoid 1.5 year delay for us to be together in America without her being returning back to India after her 6 months visitor stay in USA.

1. Can we get married and applied for change in status after she arrives in USA in 2 months.

2. Can we change her visitor visa status to Student visa?

We are open to get married either in India or USA but 12 to 15 months delay in CR1-processing time or once she lands in USA covert into F2 visa and then going back to india for 12 months wait till is some thing we wants to avoid and do it in legal way what are best options.

Appreciate your response.

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The wait should be less than an year and even sooner if you have all the documents needed. They have become very strict and coming on a tourist visa and trying to change is not something you should do. How will she get F2 when you are an USC.  Discuss the best solution with a lawyer and soon. There may be options.


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while such a tactic may succeed, all it will really do is make it even more difficult for future B2 applicants to be granted a visa

These sorts of things just increased the chances of the next person getting denied.

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