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H1B Green card processing timelines

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I came to the US on July 7th 2014, My GC process was initiated during October'2018 and as per my employer, its currently in PWD phase. As per the tentative timelines, I am expecting the PERM Draft copy available as on July'2020. Here are my questions,

1. I will finish 6 years in the US on 7th July 2020. During this time period, I was out of US for couple of months.  My Visa stamping/I-94 date is 31st Jan 2020. While expending my H1-B for the Maximum Physical stay period, will it get extended till July 7th 2020 + 2 months ? 

2. Once the PERM if filed, will there be any indications/communications to understand the current status ? or there wouldnt be any response till I either get approved/rejected ? 

3. What will happen if I do not get my PERM till my Maximum physical stay, and I had to go back to India. Will the process continue and I can come back to the US ? 

-Ashoka Bhadrajapura

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1. You have to ask for it with proof of being out.

2. ?

3. The process will continue if the PERM is approved and the employer files an I-140 within 6 months.

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