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US EMBA and Travel from Canada

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I am a Canadian permanent resident and Indian citizen. I have been living in Canada for more than 5 years and I have recently applied for Executive MBA for a school in the US. The course classes are once a month for 3-4 days.  

Because the program is part-time, the school can't issue the F1 visa.  I hold a US B1/B2 visa. 

Can I attend the program on B1/B2 or I will need L1 / H1B?



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3 hours ago, Provence said:


There's always a risk of denial of entry on a B1B2 visa.  Do you have a pending approved i130 or i140? 

Thanks for the reply. 

No I don’t have i130 or i140 pending application. I work for a Canadian firm in Canada. I140 requires support from the US based firm right? 

We have offices in the US so get L1? 

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You expressed an interest in studying in the US. The L1 does not accomplish that. 

Check back with the school if they admit foreign students on a part-time EMBA

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thanks again for your reply! 

Yes, the result will be MBA degree but the program delivery is part-time (one a month) as its executive MBA. 

This is what I received from the school.

"Because the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program is a part-time program, we are unable to assist with student visas. Typically, our students work with their employer to assist with a visa. The common visa types that we see are L1 and H1B. We cannot issue an F-1 student visa."

I booked an appointment with an immigration lawyer to explore options. Worked really hard on the application so don't want to miss on attending the program because of the visa issue. 


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You can not attend school on a visitor visa.

It looks as if it isn't possible for you to attend this program.

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