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In-laws visiting for 15 days

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I reside in the US on a H1B visa with my wife who is on H4.

I am planning to get my mother-in-law (who runs her own NGO after retirement from job), sister-in-law (who is a doctor), her husband(Government service) & their 1 year old daughter for a 15 days trip to US as tourists.

They will all be sponsoring their own expense for this trip(answering yes to the DS160 question that asks who is sponsoring the trip). 
I am seeking your guidance to get clarity on what are the financial documents that they need to submit for their
B2 visa interview and what should be the safe monetary amount that is expected of them to be owned individually to get their visa approved smoothly.

Please advise.

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No documents are necessary. The VO will decide based on a couple of minutes interaction and judge their credibility. You are not getting them. They are visiting you. The VO is looking for spontaneous answers which do not seem coached.

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there are no specific documents nor bank balance requirements...sometimes a CO might ask for a piece of paper, but only if he/she wants to sort of verify something, but remember, any document can be produced by someone with a computer and printer,..credibility is the key issue...and papers cannot establish credibility. 

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Sponsorship is not a term used in conjunction with a US b2 visa. The specific question on the ds160 is "person/entity paying for your trip". 

No documents needed, no documents required, no documents submitted. They apply, pay the fee, and appear at the interview. CO decides who, if any, qualify for a visa following the interview, which lasts a mere 2-3 minutes. 

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