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H1B Transfer and Deallocation of Project

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Joined Employer A on H1B Receipt Notice and started working for Client A.

Client A assignment got ended abruptly and will be releasing in a week. Employer A is trying to find a next assignment.

Technical Point: While Working for Client A, USICS has issued a RFE requesting for certain details such as SOW, Client Letter.


Now I have the below questions which are triggering:

  1. Can we reply RFE with client B details in case if I find a project? Are we allowed to reply RFE with client B details when the RFE is about for Client A?
  2. Can we reply RFE with client A details even though we know that assignment is going to end in 1 week.  It seems that attorney is not showing interest on this.
  3. What will happen if I go back to India? Will my employer withdraw the petition and will re-initiate  when I find a next assignment from India?


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The employer, through their Attorney, respond to RFEs and all other communications with USCIS.  Have the employer explain the details to make you aware of your specific situation. 

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