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PERM Filing in 6th Year. Chances to extend H1B with PERM.

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I am in a situation were my last extension for H1B is in current stage and i am left over with 7 more months without adding my out of stay USA 4Months ( Visiting period in H1 to India for all my 5 Years). When i file my extension will i get all my out stay period in my extenstion inclusion or should i separatly file for another Extension to recapture outside USA months ?

Other Questions is what chances i have if i file my PERM next month and will i be able to get my Perm before Feb 2020 ? I am litrelly needing suggestion what options i have if i need to extend my H1B after 6th Year right now. And also if i go for a vacation before my 6th Year completion, Will be able to add that 1/2 months to Recapture period when i File ?

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Many people fall under this case as you can read from forum here. Their attorney/company just ignores limitation of H1b and try to file last moments.

Typically, when there is gap between approval of I-140 and end of H1b (6 years), candidate has to leave US and come back once I-140 approved and H1b extension is approved and stamped.

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