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Kumar Duppalapudi

DS-117 rejected, what are the options?

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Because of my son's health condition, my wife has been in India since July 2011 after getting the green card. Her DS-117 has been rejected. I want to pursue the options to bring her to USA.
Myself Green Card holder working in US
Son (13) and Daughter (10) are US citizens living with my wife in India.

As my son is coming to high school, I have planned to bring back my wife and kids. My wife's DS 117 got rejected last month. What are the options available?

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You can file another I-130 for her and the wait is 2 years. You can first become a citizen and file an I-130 for her and that will be faster if you are able to become a citizen. No offense. But I am puzzled. Which health condition is better treated in India as opposed to here?

Get a lawyers guidance in the matter.

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Well, cheaper treatments in India. I've heard of folks 'sending' newborns/toddlers to India to be raised there because of US costs. This seems another one of those scenarios. Of course OP has to re-petition the wife, and looking at about a couple of years processing. 

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