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F2 Visa Rejected 2 times

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I am on STEM OPT and it expires in December 2019. My wife applied for f2 visa and went for the interview on 2/12/2019. It got rejected and Consulate officer told to my wife that my OPT information is not showing in their system. They gave 214g document and asked to reapply again. I contacted my DSO and confirmed that my OPT information is correct and I also verified by login into SEVP portal. All the information is correct but still they rejected. 

Again my wife went for visa interview on 3/5/19, the consulate officer didn't ask for any documents and asked few questions related to my employment and again it got rejected. Consulate officer didn't say any reason and gave 214b document and asked for reapply. 

Could you please suggest us what could be the major reason for rejection?


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Sounds like the CO isn't convinced your wife will return home following an F2 admission. Both F1 and F2 require non-immigrant intent. With no visa to enter the US, your wife has to wait it out following the denials. Once your F1 status ends, you can return to your country and be united with your wife. 

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Neither CO believed that your spouse would be returning...and if you are really going to return, then she does not need to go just to turn around and come back...

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