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My wife received her SSN when she was on L-2 and had been using for quite long time.  So I mainly  use for Tax filing purpose & Applying for DL. Now currently she's in H-4 . When her passport expired, I renewed it with her name changed after marriage. got her passport renewed with the new name and even Visa stamped on it. To change her name in DL, I wanted to change her name in SSN as well. When I went to the local SSA office with the name change application & proof etc., the SSN officer says she can't have the SSN as her visa status does not apply and took back her card. We got a letter for denial of SSN which he said can be used for Driver's License. 

I couldn't find any post on the internet related to this incident. I heard SSN is for Life. Now I 'm going to apply for ITIN this year. 

My question here is Is that normal or procedure to take back the card when we came for name change ? Can I get it back and what are my options?

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That doesn't sound normal. Never heard of that. She still keeps the number even if she doesn't ha e the actual card anymore.

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Was she working on the basis of the L2 ead? Go back and speak to a supervisor. If no joy look at thewir website for avenues of complaint.

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No she wasn't working. Thanks for your responses! 

So do you recommend applying for ITIN if the process for resolution takes longer? or Can I go ahead and file the taxes with her SSN?

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