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DS-160 Questions - H1B Stamping

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I'm travelling to India next week & eligible for drop box next week . I've few questions to fill up correctly in DS-160. 

Here is little back ground from my last H1B Visa stamping in 2017. 

My last H1B visa stamping was with FTE (EMP A) and visa stamping expired on Sep 3rd 2018. But I was laid off on Apr 3rd 2017 & got my severance package on Apr 16th 2017.  Then I started looking for both FTE & contracting and later found a contracting job on May 18th 2017 & H1B receipt was also received on May 18th 2017 & started working for Emp B .  After EMP B petition was approved, Later client has offered me FTE (EMP C) & I took FTE on March 4th 2018 . 

1. Has your U.S Visa ever been cancelled or revoked? 

What should i Fill ? Is it same as H1B petition revocation because my EMP A has sent to USCIS for revocation & revoked on June 19th 2017. I'm assuming its NO. 

2. DS- 160 Employment start dates & end dates , pls suggest

EMP A - Termination date was on Apr 3rd 2017 but received severance on Apr 16th 2017. Should I put Apr 3rd or Apr 16th ? 

EMP B - Pay roll end date was Feb -28th 2018 . Though I worked on March 1st & 2nd 2018 , he didn't pay me & run the payroll . Should I mention Feb 28th or March 2nd ? 

EMP C - Start date was on March 4th. I'll mention start date as March 4th 2018.

3. What should I say for the Gap in employment when I found EMP B after my termination from EMP A, There is a 45 days gap ? 

4. With these employee changes after my last visa stamp , Do you see any issues with my current H1B stamping & on top of it I'm a divorcee? 


Any advice greatly appreciated. 




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1) No. H1b petition is not same as VISA. 

2)3rd April

3)Truth if called for an interview


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1. Has your U.S Visa ever been cancelled or revoked?  petition and visa are different. Visa is what you get stamped in passport. So I guess yours never cancelled or revoked. So your answer is No.

2. DS- 160 Employment start dates & end dates  - I cannot tell this since now your current employer is EMPC who didnot transfer your H1B and you want to attend visa interview for EMP B whose petition is approved and you donot work their. What if EMPB revokes your H1B and it is duty of employer to notify USCIS if employee quits or laid off...

3 - Tell the truth...They has all your information...

4 - Risks are always associated with each and every stamping. If your case is clean you will get it. Be confident and continue your journey...

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