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Visitor Visa for parents

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I am looking to apply visitor visa for my parents. They had one earlier and travelled to US twice in last 10 years but that has expired. Looks like there is an easy way to renew if within 1 year of last expiry, but we missed that boat.

I remember last time when I was in H1B, we provided lot of documentation and they took property documents and letter of assessment from auditor etc. Now I am a US citizen and dont know if anything has changed on the documentation side. What would be considered basic minimum documentation and nice to have with current situation?

Thanks in advance

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Bumping this topic...

I am just looking for the documentation people are using now. Specially I see many commenters in this forum suggesting there is nothing more needed than filled-in DS160 and passport, I am just curious if people are just going with that.

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All other things aside, they had a visa and did not overstay in the past. All they have to do is to fill up the DS-160, make an appointment and take their passport along and be prepared for very basic questions about the visit and have them stay away from so called Agents.

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Their travel history will be worth more (or possible less!!) than any silly piece of paper...most folks who have had a visa and not abused the privilege have an easy time renewing said visa.

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