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3rd Trimester Pregnant, Waiting for Interview

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Seeking advice on what to do. Hoping someone can help...

I am petitioned together with my father (principal applicant), mother and younger sister under F3. We just received an email this month that we just need to wait for the interview schedule. 

I am single, currently on my 34th week of pregnancy has no plans of getting married to the father of my child and now what i am wondering about is what might happen on the interview. We are thinking that we might be scheduled for interview before or after i give birth. 
It will require me to go for medical tests either way. 

But my question is would it affect the approval of my visa? Will i be able to bring my child with me and get a visa for him as early as i could after he is born? What could be the questions that i might get from the interviewer? 

I really want to bring my child with me for a better future. He is the most important person for me now. May God bless us all.

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