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Can i switch Job after GC interview?

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I filed GC under EB1-C category. My interview was done in last October and have EAD.

Can i switch job in this scenario? what needs to filed in this case and do i need to go interview again?


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@pontevecchio thanks for your reply.

my current company might ask me to go back to India after one month if they are not able to allocate project for me.

What happens to 485 if i go to India?

i have valid EAD+AP till May and applied for renewal 10 days back.

Can i update my friends address for 485 application in online so that cards can get delivered to his address?

sorry i have lots of questions.

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Since you have a pending AOS, you should first discuss the situation with a Lawyer and stay put. Since your AOS is pending more than 180 days, you can take up a similar position elsewhere based on AC21 provisions.

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Understood, but a company that filed a PERM and I-140 petition for you.. with the understanding there is no qualifying American to do the job.. doesn't have work for you?  Why else would they ask you to return to your home country? 

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8 hours ago, Pra112 said:


My company field Green Card (I-140) in SEPT 2017 not recently. My current project is rolling over on Feb end that's why these questions.

If the company does not have a job for you they need to revoke the I-140, because the basis for the I-140 no longer exists.

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