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List of documents needed - to carry for B1/B2 VISA interview

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I am sponsoring   My Mother -in - law whose B1/b2 10 years valid VISA  ago expired two years ago   and now she need to be appear at  consulate as brand new applicant for interview,

can someone please let me know what are the list of the documents that I need to send to her when she goes for interview ?


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That list is as follows:







you do not need to send her anything - her prior travel history/use of her first visa will be the deciding factor...no piece of paper known to mankind can overcome 214b....there is no piece of paper that is listed under our laws that when presented will result in visa issuance...the CO does not care about your bank account, your house, your car, your job, etc ..about the only thing they might care about regarding you is how old your kids are and whether or not your MIL might be going to the US to provide child care....other than that, there is not much else to discuss when an older (probably retired) person applies....especially if they have had a visa previously. 

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Exactly how many documents were looked at by the CO 12 years ago? Answer: none!

B2 visas DO NOT require sponsorship!  She applies, she interviews, CO adjudicates. 

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