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F1 OPT to L2 visa

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I am on F1 (OPT STEM) visa valid through June 2020. My employer will file for my H1B in 2020 only. If I am selected for lottery in 2020 (May/ June 2020), my visa will be extended automatically until Sep 2020. In case, I am not selected in lottery- I will loose work permit.

However, my wife is on L1B visa.

1. Does it make sense for me to give away my OPT status and come on L2 visa?

 2. Am I eligible to transfer from OPT to L2 visa?

3. Do I need to apply for a new L2 visa or just a 'change of status' will work? In this case, if my L2 visa comes through, but L2 EAD gets delayed, am I eligible to still work on my OPT EAD? or OPT EAD gets revoked once L2 is through (but L2 EAD is still not there)?  

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You will need a L2 EAD to work. A COS is taking too long. You should plan to leave and return with a L2 Visa  and then apply for an EAD. So you should wait till next year before deciding anything. If you want the freedom of being able to work for any employer, you can leave now and return with a L2 visa and apply for the EAD.

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