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H1B visa stamping experience in Nogales mexico

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I want to share my visa stamping experience in Nogales, Mexico.

A little background about my status and dates

March 2018 - L1B extension applied
April 2018 - H1B selected in lottery
August 2018 - i94 expired
June 2018 - H1B RFE 
Sept 2018 - L1B RFE 
Oct 2018 - responded to H1B RFE 
Dec 2018 - responded to L1B RFE in premium 
Jan 11 2019 - L1B extension denied lost work authorization 
Jan 18 2019 - applied H4 in India ( not sure when my H1 will be approved. So applied H4 and started ead processing)
Jan 19 2019 - H1B approved
Feb 8 2019 - received approval notice 
Feb 14 2019 -Successful  H1B stamping in Nogales Mexico

Feb 15 2019 - will be back to my office. 😀😀

this is fresh H1B and I converted from H4. So first time H1B is allowed in Mexico if you are on H4.

i looked at other experiences in this website and it helped me a lot to book appointments in Nogales. I landed in phoenix and took a rental car and drove to the border and parked at Ed’s parking lot. They charged 6$ per day. It is 2 mins walk to border. I reached the border at night 830pm. I crossed the rotating doors and went inside and there was a security check for bags but that guy didn’t care and not even checking my bags and he is listening to music. After that I started going and there was another revolving door and taxi drivers are waiting outside. I was shocked as nobody asked for my passport. So I came back to the guy at security scan and asked where should I get it stamped. He redirected me to other entry and one person told me to wait in room. After 15 mins a guy came and asking questions in Spanish and he doesn’t know English at all. Struggled little explaining abou my visa status and he called few folks and stamped on my passport and gave FMM for 7 days. This tourist card is important and make sure to take it.

i came outside and none of the taxi drivers speak English. I took printout of hotel addresses, asc and consulate addresses too . I showed him the hotel address ( hotel Marques de cima) 50$ per night. Fairfield is famous but the price was 150$. I was dropped there And gave 4$ to him. Carry lot 1$ and 5$ bills. hotel staff didn’t speak English but manager is quite fluent. He helped me checking in.

next day asc appoitment

i took a cab and he charged 8$ round trip. I went there and the guy in the counter spoke hindi 😀. He is very fluent. Everything done in 5 mins and came back to the hotel. Went to check the address of consulate and it is 15 mins walk from hotel. I ate at mi fondita restaurant and the food is amazing and cheap. 

Next day is visa interview. My interview is at 815 and around 10 people were present at 745. Their appointments were around 8 to 9 am.  Exactly at 8 everyone entered into the building and within 5 mins I am at the window.


how are you?

Is it fresh H1B or renewal ( mine is fresh H1)

Explain about your work ( explained in like 5 sentences)

have you travelled any other countries? (I told Canada and visited Vancouver and he talked about whistler and other places. Few mins of normal conversation:) )

She said visa is approved and asked me to collect at 4 pm and gave slip. 

After I came out I waited for the email which says paddy is ready for pick up. I haven’t received any email and at 330 I decided to go and check at the consulate if visa is ready. Same people who came in the morning were there to collect passport. We went to the same place where interview happened. Everyone has their visa approved. We collected passport and came back to the hotel. 

I took a cab and went to the border. Officer at port of entry redirected me to permits section to generate I 94 in the 2nd floor. I went there and there is only one officer sitting alone. She is from Seattle to and asked about commute. She asked me why didn’t you go to Vancouver for interview and I said I haven’t found appointments. She took 6$ and gave me i94. Wait time for me is 15 mins overall at the border. Take exact change. 

I went out and drove back to Phoenix.

2 days entire process would be done. Mexico is the best to get stamping done. 😀

all the best guys 😀


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19 hours ago, Tjgarla said:

Never knew mexico accepts h4 to h1b stamping 

They do as both H4 to h1b are considered as same H visa category.

Mexico does not allow change of visa category (F1 to H1B. H1B or H4  to F1, L1 to H1B etc.,) 

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