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B2 visa expiring but I94 valid for another month

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My mother has traveled to US on 1st Nov 2018 on a B2 Visa. Her visa expires on 1st April 2019. But her I94 states Admit Until Date : 04/30/2019. She is planning to travel back to India on 25th April. 

1. Will her stay beyond 1st April be considered valid even though her Visa has expired? 
2. In future, will there be any problem when she applies for a new B2 Visa in India? 
3. Will there be any problem if she has to re-enter US in future on a new B2 visa? 

Appreciate your advice and time! 


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Her i94 is independent off her visa expiration. SHe is good to return on 25th APril. 

And she needs to stay out of the US for a year or so before any future visits to the US, assuming she obtains another B2 visa which is by no means guaranteed. Remember, a B2 visa is for "short visits" to the US, not a 5.9 month stay. 

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The visa at the risk of endless repetition is an entry foil in your passport letting you enter. The I94 controls length of stay.

1. Yes

2. Not because of this trip.

3. No.

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1- yes

2- hard to say, since we do not know her entire travel history since she has had the visa

3 - probably not, but again, depends on prior travel history...how many extensions (if any) has she filed over the years?

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