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F1 Visa Success Story DUI

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I am a Computer Programmer Analyst working in St Louis, MO on STEM OPT. On 26th August 2018, I was charged with DUI and overspeeding. My BAC level was 0.107.  PA dismissed my case in November 2018 under a deferred prosecution agreement(SATOP, VIP, and Community Service)

PA has given me 3 months to complete everything but as I needed to travel for my marriage, I completed all the conditions before I leave the country. My criminal attorney did warn me about prudential visa revocation. I have collected all the dismissal documents from the court and proof of completion of community services before I go.

While coming back on 9th January 2019, I was not allowed to board the flight as my visa got revoked. I immediately booked a visa date.

Below is my timeline for the entire process:

1. 17th January 2019: Went to Visa Interview on and was given a yellow 221g form for medical evaluation. VO didn't ask for a single court document. He just asked about my work and location where DUI happened. The interview lasted for a minute.

2. 18th January 2019:  Completed panel of physician at Rele clinic Mumbai. They submitted the report on the same day.

3. 29th January 2019: Visa status remained "Admin Processing" and updated date changed and received a phone call and email from Kolkata consulate to submit the passport. I submitted the passport on the next day.

4. 30th January 2019: Visa status remained "Admin Processing" and updated date changed to 30th Jan.

5. 5th February 2019: Visa status changed to "Issued".

6. 8th February 2019: Received passport with the new stamp.

7. 10th February 2019: Flew back to USA. At POE, I was put in the secondary screening and the officer asked me for court docs. He also asked me about the incident, warned me not to repeat it and let me in.

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Hello, congrats!!

Same kind of situation

i am on Stem OPT, came to india for a visit and while returning back to US travel agency was cancelled my visa because there was a previous arrest on me.

immediatly i applied for a police report from the agency where the incident was happened, and it says subject brought in for questioning and released immediatly with out any charges being filed  and no court proceedings. ( it’s receiving a stolen property)

here is my Visa appointment timeline:

location: Hyderabad

march 1: VAC appointment

march 5 : visa interview (10.30 AM)

I explained VO what happend and submitted Police report and I-20, she asked me for court report but my in my case it’s just 24 hours hold so there were no court proceedings for such cases ( i never went to court, also it says in the police report it self)

She kept police report and I-20 and gave me 221G white and said your application needs to go through Administartive processing, interview lasts for 2 minutes.

march 6: (9.17AM) Got an email from Hyderabad admin to submit passport. I submitted on next day.

since then no updates, on ceac website case was last updated on 5th March and it is still showing under AP.

My question: They asked my passport within 24 hours, does that mean they need my passport for further administartive processing? Or it’s sign of approval?

Thank you!!

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