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H4 and H4 EAD

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Hello All,

Would need some suggestion on H1B filing in Apr-2019. Currently I am waiting for my H4 & H4-EAD approval but my spouse already got H1B approval till Dec-2021. Meanwhile my prior employer TCS for whom I have worked on H4-EAD has proposed to file for H1B as there is uncertainity around H4-EAD's continuity. 

My questions are :

- Shall I propose to file for my first H1B with TCS in Apr-2019 under consular processing with out Change Of Status ?

- If TCS H1B gets approved in (say) Aug-2019 & my H4/H4-EAD gets approved till Dec-2021 in (say) Feb-2019, can I continue to work on H4-EAD even after 01-Oct-2019 ?

- Can I go out of US and comeback on H4 as it has validity till Dec-2021 ?

I am trying to delay switching status to H1B till I can be on H4/H4-EAD so that I am not consuming 6 year limit on H1B and loosing flexibility with H4/H4-EAD.


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