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Should I omit the Indian Police Certificate from my DS-260 immigration form?

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Hi all,

I am hoping that you all are doing great. I'd be infinitely grateful if you can help me clear some doubts.

Long story short, my dad applied for a green card for him and our family and we were selected in 2011 I think.
At the time my parents and my brothers were preparing to move to the US, I was in India for studies.
We didn't know that I had a window of 2 years to take advantage of my green card and move to the USA so I lost that benefit.

To help me join them, my dad made a petition I-130 for Alien Relative which was approved in 2014. Now, 4 years later I received a notification for Notice of Immigrant Visa Case Creation prompting me to pay my Immigrant Visa Application fee and Affidavit of Support fee and upload the required financial documents, police certificate(s), and civil documents.

Since I have overstayed in India when I was studying I got put on the Indian Immigration Blacklist when I was coming back to my native country. 
The form requires to upload the police certificate of all countries where you resided for more than a year, which included India for me.
Now the problem I have is the Indian embassy is saying that I won't be able to get a Police Certificate since I am blacklisted.

My question is how do I proceed now ? Do I go ahead and upload all my documents except the Indian Police Certificate ? I am scared that doing this will create me some problems in the future.

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