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H1B Visa Stamping Refusal under 221g

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Hi All,

My  H1B ( Transfer petition from Employer A to B )   Interview date was 02-AUG-28  at India-Hyderabad and VO Asked General Questions after that handover 221 G Letter (white Colour) nothing written on the document. Initially they kept my Passport and they returned my PP after 15 days without Stamp. and they called me and asked me to submit documents. 

Documents submitted on 22-AUG-18 through email. But i did not received any Acknowledgement. I reached customer Care and sent an email for equerry, always i am getting standard email,its under AP and they will reach me if they need any information required/its approve. I am doing the followups 1st week of  every month since 08-OCT-18. But nothing updates. Its being 6+ months. 

Could you please advise me, do i have any +ve chances to get VISA and how long i should wait. also advise me for alternate ways.

Thanks in Advance. 

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Till now normally I was under impression that while colour 221G are somewhat easy to crack. ( Please donot argue with me on this since this based on personal 221G experience and in contact with few more white 221G experience in this forum who just vanished from this earth once there issue is resolved. Do not worry they will come back when need H1B stamping once again). Without knowing the exact details of interview, what documents they asked its really hard to say. Normally 221G white will take less time compared to others.

Only thing we can say hang on and  wait and watch. One thing is sure they are doing regress background check on your case thats why taking time. Try to find out whether USCIS reached your employer, vendor/s and clients...

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Hi Gopal,


Thanks for email. Vo Asked me general question,  we went both my wife and me, they did not asked any thing to my wife, all the question to me only

Who is my employer, 

What site i am going to work,

What kind of Company it is

what is my Salary

when did you get marriage ( 4 years)

how many kids you have (no kids)

Highest degree ( Ms. Electronics, BSC Computer Science) 

Documents they asked (Documents submitted): Project Detailed Description and time lines (Its in  house Project), LCA, how many employees working in this project , customer letter (who is interest to buy this product) 





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