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H1B revoked during transfer

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I have H1B approval with employer A till Oct 2019. I moved to employer B on receipt dated 19 Mar 2018. The transfer petition is still under process.
Emp A has revoked my H1B on 14 Aug 2018.

1. Is my I94 still valid till Oct 2019 even after H1B is revoked. 
2. Since my tranfer petition is still under process, its been almost 180 days since the earlier H1B is revoked. Is this an issue to my status. Will I go out of status after certain number of days. 
3. Is there any limit to stay on receipt after H1B revoked.
4. My last day with employer A was 9 Mar 2018 and transfer receipt is on 19 Mar 2018. There is a gap of 10 days. If my transfer is approved will it be without I94.

5. Can I file new transfer application if my current transfer is denied.

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H1 revocation is completely irrelevant for you. The employer is required by law to inform USCIS if the person on H1 is no longer working there.

It doesn't change your I-94, it doesn't change anything for your new H1 petition.

So, relax.

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