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Change jobs before applying for Citizenship via N-400

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This question has been discussed earlier in this forum, but I wanted to revisit this based on present circumstances and immigration scenario.  I am a US permanent resident from Oct 2016 and I am working in the same company which sponsored my green card.  Can I change my job (not a layoff scenario) without affecting the requirements for naturalization, for example, good moral character ?  Is this still a subjective case - OR - has anyone changed jobs right before applying for US Citizenship through N-400 ?

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Generally the consensus is staying for at least 6 months. But if you got a career advancement elsewhere or more money elsewhere, you are certainly able to leave. One caveat is to discuss specifics with a lawyer to cover your back as it where. Remember very few workers stay for ever nowadays.

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No problem at all given that you have worked for the company that sponsored your GC for over 2 years after getting the GC.


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