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Access to see My Baby who is studying USA

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Hope you are doing good.

My wife(Born In India and Currently working on H1) and my baby(Born in USA) both are in Utah and I am in India.  My Baby will turn  6 years of age for this April. My wife and I,  had misunderstandings and currently, my wife is not giving access to talk to my baby for 3 years. A lawyer has suggested what my wife is doing will comes under "Child Abduction". I wanted to avoid complications and not to trouble my wife as she is alone with my baby in USA. For a kid Both mother and father are equally important, Is there any way that I can get access to see and talk to my kid. 

Kindly suggest me how to proceed and Please answer me the below if possible 

I know the school where she is studying.

1) What will happen if I write the same to the school management?

2) Will it affect my kid anyway?

3) Will it affect my wife anyway?

4) In My case, Am I a non-custodial parent?

5) Can I get access to see my kids school records?

Thanks in advance. Kindly suggest me the best way to talk to my kid without any complications.






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There were some decent suggestions to similar questions in your previous thread. Have you gone thru them? This seems to be more of a family law question than an immigration one. 

Do you not have an H4 visa?  Alternatively have you looked into a B2 visa to visit your daughter? 

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