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DUI in Ohio

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I have been recently (11/24/2018) charged with a OVI/DUI,Hit skip, Failure to Controll in the state of Ohio. I am currently on my H1B and had a valid Visa until March 2020.

I've hired a criminal attorney and fighting the case , public prosecutor is offering deal to plea guilty for OVI with minimal fines and suspension. We are still requesting to reduce it to reckless driving or Physical control.

Can you please help me on understanding if I have no other choice than plea guilty for OVI , how will it effect my current visa and future visa stampings and H1B extensions?.

If it was reduced to reckless driving or Physical control will it help in any of the visa or extensions.

Note: I was arrested but not been finger-printed or photographed.

Any help is appreciated.



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Hire an immigration attorney as well that can work with your criminal attorney to figure out the complications of the strategy you and your criminal lawyers are following.

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