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Time to EAD card from the day of filling

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   Recently got married to an US citizen and planning to apply for green card - I-130 and I-485 together. How long does it take to get the EAD from the day of filling and also the entire green card process.

I do have I-140 and priority for GC from my previous company recently i switched the company currently i'm on H1B, planning to quit my current job after receiving the EAD. 

thanks in advance

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EAD, based on I-140 are issued considering you will stay with employer for at least little while. That is the purpose of I-485J. Although it is not illegal to quit job after receiving EAD, it may raise red flags later, at the time of citizenship or as early as during green card interview. Since you are planning to opt 'Family based' route to get green card, it may have less or no effect but you should be aware of consequences. If nothing else, it depicts your aggressive intent to immigrate.

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The EAD is a benefit of ongoing AOS and has no relation to a job specially in the context of family based Immigration. It is in any case unrestricted Work Authorization.


To answer the questions, the EAD should take about 3-6 months and so will the GC. You may get the GC directly. Absolutely no flags involved once your Marriage based AOS is on file.

You are in a safe harbor whatever you do from now on.

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