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Applying for Extension/Amendment and I94 expiring soon

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1. Got H1B Approval till 18th Jan 2019 and I94 is valid till 28th Jan 2019 - This is thru my employer and Client 1
2. Since this is expiring soon, employer will be filing the extension along with amendment with Client 2. 
3. Will be trying to get I20 from University to join the college in case of denail of the above said petition for extension. College starts from 11th Mar 2019
4. Planning to port the extension petition to Premium processing on 19th Feb 2019 if the process resumes.
5. If the case got denied after porting to premium within 10 working days, there will be 2 weeks time to renew I94 (FYI, before I was on F1 visa and valid until Aug 2020 and status got changed recently because of H1B approval)
6. Planning to travel to mexico and return back to USA just to get the I94 renewed.
7. Will join the college to get the day 1 CPT so that I can continue working.

Please let me know if this plan works or else suggest me if something else works better.

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You might have read in lot of threads and forums..,, you will be risking your future if you work on day 1 CPT.. That is abuse of CPT program.  I would suggest to stay on H1B through extension and amendment, talk to you employer to file proper documents and close all loose loops especially specialty occupation, client letter and Employer-Employee relationship.  then you will get H1B approval.

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