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F2 visa for my fiance after F1 visa rejections

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Hello experts, I have two questions.

I am on my STEM OPT and currently working. I'm getting married in Feb 2019 and would like to start processing F2 visa for my Fiance. She had two F1 rejections last year. She is currently working in Hyderabad and would like to move to US to stay with me. Since she already have two rejections on F1 and mentioned in her DS-160 that she had work experience, is there any chance for the consulate officer to relate it to 214 B ? 
What would be the right approach to process her visa, and how to show she had strong ties to her home country?
Any suggestions on what precautions we should take before she go to the interview. 

Also, please clarify how long a DS-160 form which is not submitted yet is valid for ? I have started DS-160 form and using that number I am scheduling her appointment. I am still waiting for her dependent I-20 to get  SEVIS number, so I wanna keep this form open until I receive her I-20. 

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F2 is a non-immigrant dependent visa classification. There is no workaround for getting a visa. Her F2 after the marriage will most likely be adjudicated on its merits. I.e her ability to convince the consulate officer about her intentions to stay with you as a dependent on F2. You being on OPT and her being rejected for F1 twice may be two negative points at this time. 

There are a lot of moving parts here. Please consult a competent law firm.

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