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sruthi M

F1 to H1b

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HI All 

I have a question like i  came to USA on F1Visa 2016 feb and my H1b got approved in nov 2018 so which places i can go for initial stamping and my sevis is not updated because till i get stamp on my h1b visa then only my i-94 will get updated 

I have valid f1 visa till 2020 and my OPT also will bet here till 2020

As my SEVIS is not updated i am on my OPT status only 

so my question is what are the prefered locations for initial visa stamping 

Can i go to canada for stamping?

Can i go to mexico  and waht are the preferred locations?

As  my employer told in mexico there are some locations who accepts initial H1b stamping ?

so if in case my H1b is rejected can i come back on my F1 visa ?

Please let me  know it 

Thank you 



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If the H1 approval notice had an I-94 at the bottom you are in H1 status.

Initial H1 visa stamping is not possible in Mexico.

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16 minutes ago, sruthi M said:

The H1b which i got approval is through consulate process 



First time stamping cases like yours should go to their home country. A non home country consulate can deny to take up your case. You might very well be stuck in 221g for many weeks as you have been on F1 and now OPT. Go to your home country for visa stamping is what I would suggest you.

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