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Administrative Processing no Slip Passport taken

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I had visa interview on Jan 10 2019 at Hyd, this is my first H1B stamping after my masters. Very basic questions were asked like Major, University name, Employer, Client, Salary. No slip was given and passport was taken by officer and said he is sending case for administrative processing will take 2 weeks or more. What are the chances of approval?

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Approval will depend on merit of your case.Admin processing is probably due to your previous f1 status. Should not be a problem if you had not violated your stay in USA and your h1b petition is legit. No one can tell you the chances of a positive decision, that would be magical and magic is not real.

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I had my H1B Visa Interview on the 31st of Jan 2018 at New Delhi Consulate, India. The VO said my Visa is Approved, no slips were given. This was my first Visa interview since F1 Stamping.  I was very happy.

It's been 12 business days now and CEAC website shows that my application is under 'Administrative Processing' and the last update was my Interview date- 31st.

In addition to this, i dropped an email to NivND@state.gov, yesterday and this is the reply that I got 

"Thank you for the email inquiry. Your application is refused under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act for administrative processing.  After administrative processing is complete, the application will be reconsidered."

they asked me to wait for ~60 days. No update on https://ceac.state.gov/  


I do not know what to do, but wait. It's kind of a deadlock here as I cannot do anything about. 

Has anybody faced the same/similar issue? Or does anyone have an idea of what might be happening.

Thank You

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Admin Processing is open-ended, ie the length cannot be predicted. The embassy has to complete certain checks and verifications before an H1b visa could be issued. 

The partial government shutdown (DHS is affected) may have an indirect effect as well. 

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