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Senthilk Shanmugam

L1A Extension Rejected - How long do I have to leave the country

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5 hours ago, Senthilk Shanmugam said:


If my L1A extension is rejected how many days do I have to leave the country.  

Please stop asking such generic questions without providing much info about your case.

If you i94 has expired, you have to leave immediately. 

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My L1A extension got RFE, and I am supposed to respond to it by 01/27. But my I94 is valid only till 01/23 . In case my extension is denied , how many days i have to leave the country. please let me know what specific information you need.

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Generally, if one receives a denial on a petition after the I-94 Card has expired, one is unlawfully present from the date of denial. One is required by law to leave straightaway - unlawful presence means one has no permission to be in the United States. Unlawful presence stops once a person has left the United States. Unlawful presence that does not exceed 180 days after departure from the U.S. does not subject one to a 3 yr or 10 yr bar to return. It must, however, be disclosed in the DS-160 form. It may be helpful to identify the reason for the unlawful presence - the denial of the petition. One who is unlawfully present in the U.S. for more than 180 days when they leave is subject to a 3 year bar to return and one who is unlawfully present for 1 year or more when they leave the U.S. is subject to a 10 year bar to return.

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