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Employer forcing me to join at client place with sharing LOC, H1B, LCA and demanding 10000$ if I don't join

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I put H1B transfer with one Indian Consulting company and during the H1B initiation process they took agreement from me like 3 months commitment letter and need to 10000$ in case if I don’t serve 3 months. Is there any legal document for employer to demand money like 10000$ if the employee breaks the commitment/agreement letter like this? 
The fact is, honestly I am good to join even now, but without sharing legal documents like H1B, LCA, I94 they are forcing me to join at client place. Requested several times for the same and never got shared me those document. Meanwhile, requested them several times about applying H4 for my spouse as its depend on H4EAD and sent out emails for several times but they said orally over phone like will do but never got applied for the same. 
- Do the employer legally send the H1B employee to the client place with out sharing the H1B copy, LCA, I94? 
- Do the employer have any legal document like Commitment letter or aggreement letter like 3months? 
- Do the employer legally report the payment (my case $10000) to collections to CAC (Commercial Acceptance Company)? 

Thank you so much for your time and kind understanding and greatly appreciated your favor on this,

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An employer can ask for liquidated damages (e.g., money they spent on recruitment and training), but they can mot ask for a penalty.. And the liquidated damages become less over time because the employer gets his initial investment into the employee back over time.

And the employer of course has to give you a copy of the LCA.

File a complaint with DOL on form WH4.

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1. You MUST get a copy of receipt notice and LCA from the employer before you start working. 

2. Working on FedEx receipt does not hold any ground.

3. 10,000$ repayment is contingent upon successful H1-B filing and hiring of an employee. I assume I-9 form is still pending indicating employment authorization never took place and the employer is non compliant with IRCA. If this goes to the court, the employer's case does not hold any ground. Find a better and sane employer who is compliant with labor and immigration laws. 


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