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H1B Visa - Drop Box Stamping Eligibility

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Hi ,

My current H1B visa with the new company -(I-797) petition approval is valid till 13’th May 2021.

My passport has the H1B visa stamping from my previous company (visa expires 17’th Jan 2020)

I am planning to visit India for 3 weeks in Feb 2019 .

Could you please let me know if I am eligible for a drop box H1B Visa stamping  or will I have to appear for a Visa interview at the US consulate in India to get my H1B visa stamped.

Thanks in advance for replying me.

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Nobody can tell you that. When you fill in online information to schedule interview, there are few questions that determine if your case is simple enough to qualify for dropbox. Following are some of the questions you will be asked...

Are you applying for same visa category as last one?

Are you still with same employer?

Are you planning to stamp at same location?

There are more of these kind of questions and when you answer "NO" to any of these, you are typically required to appear for interview. In your case, you are changing employer, which means case is unlikely to be considered as straightforward.

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You mentioned that your current visa foil is valid till Jan 2020 and you are travelling in Feb 2019....I hope you realize that there is no real need for you to go for a visa stamping from the consulate. You can still use the visa foil from your old employer for re-ntry as long as you also present your new I797 approval from new employer.

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