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Initial OPT taking too long

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I have a few questions about my initial OPT. 
I applied for my initial OPT in the month of July 2018 and since then the status is case received. Some of the errors which I think could create this problem is listed below. 
1)Is it my name FNU(First name unknown) causing some problem at USCIS as I have heard that USCIS processes cases based on Alphabetical order.
2)Does normal processing take about 160 days? if yes have you heard about such cases in the past two months?
3)Taking this long is it a sign of rejection?
4)I am a transfer student from another university I completed my first masters and then got transferred but at the time of transfer, I was not sure if I will get an admission so I started the OPT process at the old school but never sent any documents to USCIS. The DSO at the Old school canceled the request and transferred my SEVIS so does the old OPT request cause any problem for the current OPT request?.

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1. Do you not have first name? If there is name discrepancy, it is big issue for identification. It may be only reason for delay.

There is nothing as alphabetical order.

2. There is no such thing as normal processing. Typically it is first-come-first-serve. Initial OPT are processed fairly quickly and the reason yours has not has something to do with FNU.

3. No.

4. You need to get both school records straight to move forward. This can be secondary reason for delay.

My advice is to talk to school visa official and if they cannot help you enough, you can take INFOPASS appointment to know what to do from USCIS official.

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