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Second time stamping with DUI

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Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to update my experience of Second time H1B stamping after a DUI in 2013. 

Please find my post regarding my first time stamping experience in the below link

Its been more than 5 years since my DUI and i had gone through panel physician evaluation during my previous stamping . My DUI is expunged now. 

I had my biometrics on Dec 3rd and Visa interview on Dec 4th in Chennai.

Visa officer first asked all the standard question about my job ,comapny ,salary , Location and number of years with my company.

Then she had couple of questions regarding my DUI. When it happened and what happened.

I told her what happened and told her its been expunged now. 

She realised i went through stamping  after DUI.

She asked for court documents and previous physician evaluation report. 

I gave her both the documents. She went inside and checked something with someone else. 

After coming back she said she will have to scan my documents and need 1-2 days  to evaluate if i need to go through physician evaluation again. She kept my passport also with her and gave me a blue slip with a case # on it.

I thanked her and left.

After 3 days my Visa was issued.


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Wow awesome! Congratulations. I have a question? How did you get your previous evaluation report? I did mine 10 years ago and never got a copy myself.

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On 1/10/2019 at 8:23 PM, buntyl1 said:

Wow awesome! Congratulations. I have a question? How did you get your previous evaluation report? I did mine 10 years ago and never got a copy myself.

They sent my evaluation report along with the stamped passport 

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Hello @rvk2ab

I am going for stamping and I had a DUI in 2015 which was dismissed in 2016.

Can you put step by step process so it will be helpful for me/many others.
My Main question is can we take an appointment for physical panel check from physician in advance to visa interview at the consulate?

If so are there any consulate approved list of physicians list where I can go for medical check in advance?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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I have put step by step details in my previous posts. Links are in the above comments or check my profile


You cannot take an appointment in advance for Physical panel . Consulate will have to refer you with a case # . Case # will be on the 221 G form and panel physician form. Only with that form you can go to an Physician evaluation


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Thank you for posting your experiences. 

I have a DWAI alcohol. I have applied for a business visa. My interview was yesterday. They asked me to do the panel physician test which I did yesterday and am a 100% confident it will be negative because I dont even consume alcohol anymore. 

My query was that they have asked to drop off the passport and the slip that they provided, but would it help to add some supportin g documents such as an alcohol dependency test i took right after the incident voluntarily to prove it is an isolated incident, and/ the company letter of invitation, or a summary of the event in 3-4 points to remind them i wasnt convicted of what i was charged with and that it was reduced to a traffic Infraction?

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