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Visiting St. Thomas with approved H1b 797-A and pending H4 for wife 797-C

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I am on H1B visa and have a 797 approval notice but my spouse's H4 visa is still pending though we have received a 797C notice that the case is still pending approval. Do you think its safe to travel to STT and return back to US without any issues? I heard there is no passport or visa required to travel to STT but while returning back they check for legal status. I am more concerned about my spouse's entry back.

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St. Thomas, like all of the US Virgin Islands, IS part of the US. So, you do not "return back to the US" when you are flying to the mainland. You are staying in the US. Flying to and from STT is the same as flying to and from LAX, JFK, KOA (Kona, Hawaii), ORD, MIA, or any other airport in the US.

Take the H4 receipt notice with you.


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I did it a while ago on H1b & spouse on J1 - No issue

There shouldn't be issue for H4 either

You will still go through immigration at both places. And obviously, cannot go to British VI, which is right beside

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