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H1B query

Multiple H1B petitions approved, longest valid

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This is query regarding H1B petition(s) validity. I was working for Company A with visa validity of May 2019, transfer of petition filed with B and also C. Due to some reason the Petition approval with B got delayed and got the offer from Company C and project and H1B transfer petition for Company C is approved only for 6 months Feb 2019 and joined. Later another petition applied with Company C which also got approved, but approved for 2 years.

Now the current situation is that i'm working with Company C for 3 months and if the project with company C completes with in 6 months, can I go to Company B which is having validity of H1B petition for 2 years, in that case do I need to transfer the petition again from Company 'C' to 'B' or I can join the directly join the company B as the petition is having longer duration of validity.

Pl. advise when and how to switch the company 'C' to 'B' and also H1B on the further process here.

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Than you for your reply.

I've the query on the H4 for the H1B i was taking about, H4 with current employer 'C' is going to expire by Feb 20th and No valid 'H4' with the employer 'B'. H4 with the employer 'A' with visa stamping till May 2019. As the visa stamping from employer 'A' is till May 2019, can H4 stay in USA? Is it going to be legal? or as the H4 from current employer 'C' is about to expire, dependent should exist USA as legal? pl. advise this as priority.

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As you suggested that I can switch back employer 'B', can I apply 'H4' from employer 'B' if I take the employment from employer 'B'. This is additional query.

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