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H1B transfer denied but I94 is valid

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My initial H-1B was approved in Dec 2017 with employer A and I-94 is valid till 2020. In Aug 2018 employer B Initiated for H1B transfer and is denied on Dec 5,2018 and Employer B is going to reappeal plus initiate a new petition ASAP. In the process of changing employers from A to B, I informed employer A ( in and around Nov 2018) to withdraw my approved petition and I’m not sure he is done yet because the online case status still shows ‘Approved’ (in some cases I’ve seen any employer withdraws/revokes an approved petition then it will immediately reflect on USCIS case status website). I’m wondering whether employer B can reapply based on I-94 even my initial H-1B was withdrawn? And even today the online I-94 still shows the same valid date! And the other part is that my previous employer (A) petition is also shows valid online. I’m not sure whether A has withdrawn the initial petition. What are best chances in knowing the status of I-94 and initial petition?

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H1 revocation doesn't change the I-94. It just invalidates the H1 petition.

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