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H1B Extension approved but amendment denied for same location

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My H1B was approved for Client A and location A and was valid till Oct 2018.

But I traveled for different client let's say Client B for location B. So my employer filed amendment for change of location and client.

My amendment got RFE and took long time for processing.

Meanwhile since my H1B visa validity was only valid till Oct 2018 my employer filed for Extension with my current client and location details.(Client B and Location B)

My visa extension got approved and I received new I797.

But later my initial amendment got denied.

I am not sure whether I am still eligible to work at my current location i.e. Client B and location B.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated !


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I have same situation.

My Amendment filed on Aug2018 for location A, got amendment RFE and responded in Jun 2019 from location A.

my extension filed on Jun 2019 from location A as my Visa was getting expired on Aug 2019

All above cases were in regular process for location A. Due to my India visit plan I decided to upgrade both in premium so I upgraded both cases in premium on Sep25 2019

I got my extension approved on Oct 1, 2019 for next 1 year(notice received). And then after 2 days my Amendment got denied.


please suggest whether

1. I am eligible to continue work on my extension approval basis?

2. do I need to leave the country Because of Amendment denial but extension approved before 2 days?

3. If Point 2 answer is Yes then can my employer reapply my extension or amendment immediately?

4. I have my Perm approved, Can My employer apply my i140 while I am out of USA?


thanks in advance for all your kind advices.

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Manik Jain, what was the final verdict? You had to leave? Or were you allowed to continue working on based on the approval. Please share the info. I'm in the same boat.

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