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Mahesha Gouli

H4 to F1

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Hi All,

I am trying to find answer to one of my query :

Query : H4 person is in India planning to attend VISA interview for F1 visa. Considering interview for F1 gets denied/rejected, can the person return back to US with current H4 visa or should they re-apply H4 again  before travelling to USA.



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If the H4 visa is cancelled without prejudice as a first step in the F1 Interview, the person needs a new H4 visa to return if the F1 is denied. If the H4 visa is left alone and the F1 denied, the person can return with this H4 visa.

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H4 to F1 stamping is a bad idea since F1 students are asked to return to India after education. But since you were living in H4 for a long time , they will not believe that you will return.

The day you enter the consulate for Interview , the officer will cancel all the current valid USA visa on the passport and then will start talking to you. 

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