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Can we take an independent attorney to our employment based I-485 interview?

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I have been scheduled interview for my AOS. My I-140 is approved under EB1-B. However, our company has gone through reorganization and acquisitions, which resulted in change of employers. I have been in the same job at the same location over the last 5 years. The attorney associated with my current company are sending the G-28 and I-485J.

To clarify some questions, I consulted an attorney from another firm and would like to take him to our interview. He says, he can submit G-28 to the interview officer and I can also provide the G-28 from my company attorney. Is this ok to have multiple G-28s? Can two attorneys represent the client at the same time? Will this have any negative impact?

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Most COs do NOT wish to interview attorneys, as they are NOT the ones seeking a visa. Answers (truthful ones) to questions need to come from the applicant, not from a paid representative, who will offer only carefully crafted answers that often evade the facts.

I never allowed attorneys to attend an interview, for 1001 valid reasons. If they didn't like it, tough. I did not want anyone else except the applicant answering my questions....without coaching, without a script, etc....the more scripted the answers, the longer the interviews would take.  If I did not get a truthful answer, the interview would end and the applicant sent home for two weeks (at least) to 'straighten out his/her head' and be prepared to answer truthfully the next time....and this could go on and on and on for as long as it took to either wring the truth out or determine that the applicant was not eligible for the visa being sought and the case concluded.

Some applicants discovered to their dismay that I was not going to expedite their case if they refused to give me honest answers to questions.  I did not accept answers from third parties, whether relative, friend or (even worse) some immigration attorney. 

Some applicants thought they were more clever than I by dancing around the truth with evasive baloney....they soon found out how long they could remain in their country while I pursued their case methodically...in spite of phone calls, etc, from their attorneys or 'bosses' or cousins....

So check with the embassy; I doubt they want attorneys at the interview...and be prepared to answer truthfully.


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The OP is not referring to consular processing and hence no need to check with any embassy. Anyway American Immigration Lawyers have no locus standing abroad and hence the question is moot. 

As regards the specific question by the OP it is not necessary to have a lawyer with you for your EB based Interview locally. Talk to your companies lawyer. 

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