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Successful Visa stamping in Matamoros, Mexico

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Below is my H1B stamping experience in Matamoros, Mexico.

My profile:
EVVC Model
Same employer since my last h1b stamping. This is my second h1b stamping. 
Have been with same employer and client for 6 years.
Got my client letter and vendor letters.

Dusty place. If you are allergic to dust come prepared. NOBODY SPEAKS ENGLISH. if you come, have someone with you who can speak Spanish or come through an agent. there are agents for helping with stay and stamping in Mexico. Food is OK in Mexico. None of the americanized chipotle there. Authentic Mexican food is there which I liked - you need to find it online.

Interview day:
In Matamoros, even though if you have a fixed time slot on paper, it is going to be first in first out basis for both ASC n USC appointments. So you have to reach there early if you wanna be done first.

When my turn came I went to the VO.

VO- employer name?
ME - answered
VO- client name?
ME - answered
VO- How long you are working for employer ?
ME - 6yrs
VO- How long you are working for client ?
ME - 6yrs
VO - what is your salary?
ME - told him the number as per my LCA.
VO - what is your role?
ME - Business Analyst.
VO - What do you do as BA?
ME - explained in two sentence. (Please keep it short... you don't have to explain in detail, unless asked specifically... there was another candidate who got drilled with lot of work questions since he explained too much giving tools/technical details...he got Visa though)
VO - what is your work location?
ME - Told him city and state.
VO - your VISA is approved. Collect the passport at the same location in the afternoon.
Collected my passport the same day at 3.30 and crossed border after verification by 7. Crossing the border is a pain because the immigration officials take their time to verify. It will be a loooong wait.

PS - if you have proper W2s, tax returns and a legit employer - you will get approved for sure. I had other folks with me for the interview who changed employers and others who came with family. None of them suffered. So it's going to be an easy ride if you are prepared. ALSO, I went after the Thanksgiving holiday. So please don't think that after the holidays the VOs will be stressed abt the holidays being gone and ask to many questions. It will be just another day for them.

Hope this helps!


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I strongly encourage people who finished visa interview to be active in this forum atleast for few days so that you can return the favor what you have taken from this forum. Atleast people update your profile with your active contact details so that people in need can reach out to you....

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On 12/4/2018 at 11:34 PM, criticalpath said:

@sreevats.ns@gmail.com how did u travel from usa to mexico - by car or plane ?  I have got my petition approved, wondering how to get it stamped without travelling to india.  Please share your thoughts.




If your H1B was approved ( from F1 to H1B), Change of status recently done, Then First time H1B stamping is not allowed in Mexico.

If your H1B was approved from USCIS as part of extension, already have H1B stamped in your passport & expired or about to expire. you can go to mexico. Simply for same visa category renewals - you can go to mexico.

If you need any further info / help, how to travel etc., please feel free to email me.

Good Luck !

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I made appointment 2 weeks in advance. But it depends which date you are booking. If you a date right before a long weekend, then you might to book early like 2 or 3 weeks in advance bcuz those dates will be booked first. I flew to brownsville, TX and agent took me to matamoros in car by getting 7 days temporary Visa at the crossing. Hope this helps.

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Am very new about Mexico H1B stamping info(yesterday only my employer told this option), lately i got to know my contract might end in March and employer asked me to go for stamping ASAP. I have not known anyone who attended visa in Mexico and procedure. Please help me on couple of questions below :

- Do i need Mexico visitor Visa ? Came to US on F1 2012, Got my first H1B stamping done in India 2016. Now am H1B Extension valid until 2020 Nov. 

- I am Canadian PR holder, will this be problem anywhere ? i can go to Stamping in canada but no appointments for next 2/3 months so decided Mexico.

- Is it safe to travel for stamping with no problems, i am EVC model, client letter and all the required docs. anyone experienced 221g ? 


- Any information about how to book visa slots and agent information ?

Thanks in advance,


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